Christina and Steven’s Sunset Cliffs Wedding in San Diego

Christina and Steven Sunset Cliffs Wedding by Wedding Photographer San Diego Andrew AbounaWith the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean below the variegated cliffs that line the coastal shore of this wonderful place in San Diego, I had the pleasure of photographing Christina and Steven’s Sunset Cliffs Wedding. The sky was unusually textured with thick clouds and the breeze was brisk from a coming rain storm, and this all helped create a ceremony and wedding photography that was perfect.

Christina’s full length, jewel neckline wedding dress looked especially lovely as it flowed about in the breeze during the couple’s wedding ceremony, and their wedding photography afterwards. Bride Christina held a lavender-colored rose bouquet during the ceremony and we used it throughout most of our shots afterwards, too. The bouquet’s color made for a nice contrast to her dress and to the natural colors of the blue ocean, grey sky, and red and orange colors of the surrounding area of their Sunset Cliffs wedding.

Steven wore grey suit which looked nice with just a vest and no jacket. Underneath his vest he wore a good-looking purple neck tie with white dots. Atop his vest and complimenting Christina’s bouquet, was a lavender rose boutonniere, which Rev. JoAnna Caro, of Shades of You Wedding Services, affixed for Steven just before she delivered their wonderful Sunset Cliffs wedding ceremony.

Christina and Steven’s Sunset Cliffs wedding was fun to photograph not only because the couple were a delight to spend time with, but because they were up for exploring and shooting in the nooks and crannies that I know about along this less-travelled area of the cliffs. Add to that the fact that a relaxed sense of time meant there was sense of needing to rush because of a compressed schedule. Devoting a little un-pressured time to wedding photography will always result in a nice collection of shots, and it’s also why I always try to make photography fun and relaxed.

Time wasn’t totally on our side due to a coming rain storm, but the rain’s arrival worked out perfectly with the amount of time that Christina and Steven had booked me for their Sunset Cliffs wedding photography in San Diego. However, we had precisely enough time beforehand to capture the beautiful collection of wedding photos that you can see some of in this article. To see all of Christina and Steven’s Sunset Cliffs wedding photos please visit my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

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