Kim and Matt La Jolla Shores and Stone Brewery Wedding

La Jolla always makes for a very beautiful wedding venue because of the lovely beaches, cliffs and ocean. There are also a few green areas along the La Jolla coastline, but there’s really only one bigger park space, and that’s Kellogg Park at La Jolla Shores. Though I’ve photographed many dozens of weddings in La Jolla, and even La Jolla Shores, this was my first time photographing at Kellogg Park.

It was here at Kellogg Park where Matt and Kim chose for their La Jolla Shores wedding. I have to say that it made for a very wonderful wedding venue, not only for the flat grassy space, palms and nearby beach, but since it’s a popular public San Diego park it was also a great place for their wedding ceremony because of the audience it drew!

Friends and family of the bride and groom had setup seating for the ceremony much early that day, and in that time they got acquainted with many others at the park; no doubt they also enjoyed the quintet who were also on hand playing for Kim and Matt’s La Jolla Shores Wedding. So, by the time the ceremony got closer, it wasn’t just Matt and Kim’s wedding guests who were getting excited, but also the many park goers, too.

It was no surprise that when Kim arrived, and began her way across Kellogg Park walking along in her beautiful strapless wedding dress, there was a loud applause from everyone at the park! It was very flattering and very fitting because of how gorgeous the bride looked. From her cute, flowing, breezy short hair to the wedding dress ruffles, Kim captured everyone’s attention.

Kim and Matt’s wedding day was of course one of a kind, and uniquely theirs. This was made true by the unusual summer rain showers that began in concert with the start of the couple’s ceremony. Umbrellas were soon popping up above the heads of their wedding guests, and fortunately atop the quintet, too. But the rain certainly didn’t dampen anything more than shirts and a little camera equipment.

My wedding photography continued unhindered by the rain, and fortunately the grade of cameras and lenses that I use are largely sealed from all but the heaviest of downpours. So for me, photographing their La Jolla Shores wedding in the rain was a compliment to the diversity and uniqueness of wedding photography that I always provide to couples.

Being practical, the rain was heavy enough that we decided to skip on creating posed and artistic photos that were planned to follow the ceremony, and opted instead to save that part of the wedding photography for later in the afternoon for their Stone Brewery wedding reception at Liberty Station, in San Diego. Stone Brewery is well known for it’s excellent craft beers, and the venue itself has a unique and wonderful decor and feel. Certainly a great choice for the couple’s wedding reception.

What’s also great about the couple choosing their Stone Brewery wedding reception, is the location of Liberty Station. The architecture and landscape at Liberty Station, formerly called the Naval Training Center, offered us so many opportunities for creating a wonderful collection of posed and creative wedding photos for Kim and Matt. Beginning first with posed family photos, then posed photos of just the couple, the three of us also spent a little time creating more natural-looking and fun wedding photography at some of that various spots that I like at Liberty Station.

We could have spent hours walking about taking photos, but of course didn’t want to keep their guests waiting too long, so much of the time the San Diego wedding photography focused on the evening Stone Brewery wedding reception. Back at Stone Brewery, the couple’s wedding photography included shots of the couple greeting their guests, the wonderful food and beer that Sone Brewery prepared and served, toasts, and the couple’s fun wedding cake cutting. Their wonderful wedding cake, made by Jenny Wenny Cake Company, had three-tiers and was accented in Tiffany blue.

Featured on this page are just a few of my photographer favorite photos from the wedding day. To see the complete collection of Kim and Matt’s La Jolla Shores and Stone Brewery wedding photography, please visit my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

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