Destination Beach Weddings in Coronado

The beach is a major attraction throughout San Diego, just as it is in other parts of California and the world, and it’s perfect location for destination beach weddings. Along with the sites and sounds at the beach, what also makes destination beach weddings so wonderful is the feeling of being somewhere special, perhaps even exotic or tropical.

For the wedding photo I’ve chosen in this post, I looked to one of my destination beach weddings in Coronado. The City of Coronado, located just across the bay from San Diego, offers beautiful wide stretches of sandy beaches along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Coronado’s beaches, like many of the beaches along the coastline of San Diego, is very popular for destination beach weddings.

Now, destination beach weddings aren’t only reserved for those traveling to interesting places. It’s been my experience as a San Diego Wedding Photographer, that about a quarter of the several hundred beach weddings I’ve photographed have been of locals residents who’ve also had beach weddings, in either Coronado or other parts of San Diego County.

For local residents and visitors alike who wish to have a designation beach wedding there are many choices throughout San Diego. With the sand underfoot, the sight and sounds of the ocean’s waves rolling onto the beach, and the smell of fresh ocean air, all of these elements will make for great features, and great photos, for destination beach weddings.

Pictured here is a wedding photo from one of the designation beach weddings that I’ve photographed in Coronado. There’s actually a lot of lovely features to this wedding photo on the beach. First of course there’s the beautiful newlyweds walking hand in hand along the sandy beach, gazing at each other, happy and in love. Behind them is the blue ocean, and the bright sun with its brilliant backlighting that helps bring focus onto the couple by softening the details of the background.

To add even more interest to this beach wedding destinations photo I created an inset photo in the top right of the main photo, in the space where the sky is washed out by the sun and my photo editing. The inset image itself is in fact an example of another type of beach wedding photo. In this shot I had the couple seated amongst the plants on the beach, posed endearingly together. With some editing to create a black and white wedding photo and a little flare to the inset placement, a fun multi-image, destination beach weddings photos was created of the couple.

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