A Chaldean First Communion Party Photography in Rancho San Diego

Chaldean First Communion Party Photography in Rancho San Diego

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a Chaldean First Communion Party photography in Rancho San Diego. The party was complete with a backdrop for posed photos, an excellent meal, lots of dancing and great music by DJ Paulie, plus a very tasty array of deserts. But most importantly of course the party was all about congratulating a young man.

The Flame Bar and Grill is a Great Venue for Event Photography

The well-attended, lively and fun party was held at The Flame Bar and Grill in Rancho San Diego in the eastern part of San Diego County. The staff were very attentive and the food that the restaurant prepared was fantastic. The venue itself was very well-suited to the party because of its large yet intimate layout. The restaurant was easy to get to, there was plenty of parking, and had great views of the adjacent open space. The Flame Bar and Grill venue helped me get great photos for the Chaldean First Communion party photography.

The Event Photography

As guests arrived I made sure to get great posed photos in front of the nice photography backdrop. There were other posed photos that I captured during the Chaldean First Communion Party Photography. However, most of the event photography consisted of candid photos to capture all of the key moments in the party. For this afternoon event, I shot hundreds of great photos using two cameras and multiple lenses. Following the shoot I edited  each photo to ensure its best appearance. Next, I hosted all of these final photos in a private, online gallery so that the family could easily view and share them. In addition, the family was also able to download all of the photos in two sizes: a web resolution (smaller sized files for sharing via social media); and, in print resolution (larger size files for printing, with permission to print the them).

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