Wedding Albums in San Diego

Wedding Albums in San Diego

Wedding, engagement, event or commemorative albums are more than just beautiful photos, they are a heartfelt collection of memories from one of the most special days in your life. It holds the time, the place, the feelings and the story of your wedding. It’s a tangible and real memory of your day that you can touch, feel and see each and every day of your life. This is why I make it a key part of my photography. It’s produced by fulfilling a promise to capture and enhance your wedding in the most gorgeous and personalized way.

Album creation is part art and part storytelling, and it’s collaborative. I begin first with a selection of ALL your favorites images. With these I design your wedding album first look that you can preview. Upon changes, if any, your wedding album is ready to be published!  You’ll be amazed at all the exquisite ways to design your wedding albums in San Diego, or destination location for that matter, and will love the many materials from which your album can be based.

To help in creating the very best album, I use the very best wedding company that actually started the entire modern wedding album, GraphiStudio of Italy. GraphiStudio has been publishing albums for decades now and they are used by the finest photographers in the world. There should be no compromise in the capture, design and publication of your memories and that’s what I like to use GraphiStudio.

Pictured here are a few samples of Wedding Albums in San Diego that I offer, and have available for personal showings. Albums also make beautiful engagement albums or wedding guest albums, too! You can see an additional wide range of what can be created by previewing this PDF catalog GraphiStudio Wedding Album Covers Catalog by San Diego Wedding Photographer Andrew Abouna. I currently have samples of their Crystal Glance, Silk, Metal and slip cover albums, all with a variety or paper choice and would be delighted to share these with you at any time so that you can see for yourself just how wonderful wedding albums in San Diego can be.  Contact me for more information.

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