Sheila and Eugene Immaculata San Diego Wedding

A most beautiful setting, The Immaculata on the campus of the University of San Diego. I’m sure Sheila and Eugene had in mind The Immaculata San Diego wedding from the start. And knowing the couple now for some months, having also photographed their lovely engagement photography session at Balboa Park, they could not have chosen a more elegant and spiritual place than The Immaculata.

Sheila and Eugene’s wedding day photography began in the morning at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, where I met them to photograph their getting ready. The Marriott is a very nice downtown resort, and it’s always nice photographing there. I first started in Sheila’s suite, photographing all of the bridesmaids, moms, and of course Sheila. It’s mostly a time for candid photography while getting their makeup and hair done, but occasionally there were a few posed photos, as well as some creative shots of Sheila’s wedding dress.

The suite was a buzz of activity and everyone was having was having great fun, as you can see in some of the wedding photos featured here. These are just a few of my San Diego wedding photographer favorites from the couple’s getting ready and their Immaculata San Diego wedding ceremony. To see their complete collection of wedding photos please visit my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

After a bit I stepped out and went to Eugene’s suite where he and his groomsmen were preparing to get ready. There was a lot less hustle and bustle here, as the guys naturally had less to tend to than the gals did. But soon they went about dressing into their nice grey suits, tiffany colored ties, and slipping on their grey Converse shoes, which was a great touch I thought; sorry guys if we got those nice sneakers dusty when we went to Sunset Cliffs! Since Eugene had his and Sheila’s rings, I also spent a few moments capturing some wedding ring photos.

Time to get back to Sheila’s suite to photography her and the bridesmaids final getting ready moments. I’d captured her wedding dress earlier, so now I just had to capture Sheila in her dress and a little bit of the anticipation. Sheila looked beautiful. They all did, too. Before long I received a text from Eugene that the limo had arrived, so it was time for me to duck out and head over to the church, ready to capture the arrival of the wedding party for the Immaculata San Diego wedding.

Now at The Immaculata on the campus of USD, I photographed a little of the inside of the parish and guests outside.  Shortly afterwards Eugene and his groomsmen arrived, and then the big Hummer limo drove up with Sheila and her bridesmaids. It’s then that I met with Jack of Masterpiece Limousine. I knew I wanted to get a shot of the bride and bridesmaids in the limo, and Jack was very accommodating with letting me crawl onto the front seat of the limo so that I could shoot through to the back and inside of the lavish vehicle. As Jack kindly helped each of Sheila’s side of the bridal party out of the vehicle, he was spot-on in knowing what makes for a great wedding photo because he alerted me when Sheila had a few tears before she was ready to step out of the limo.

Not wasting a beautiful moment, I’m happy that my wedding photography could include some shots of the bridesmaids helping Sheila. She is a very collected individual, and as I mentioned I’ve known her and Eugene for some months now, so it was quite lovely to see her still so composed and yet with the outward sign of her feelings. Thank you, Sheila.

It wasn’t long until all of the guests were seated in the church and ready for the late-morning Immaculata San Diego wedding. I met briefly with Father Lawrence and the Parish’s coordinator, Sophia, to review and check on any additional directions. Because church weddings must always remain dignified and reverent, it was simply a matter of taking care to remain quiet while moving about the church during the ceremony, and not using flash or passing in front of the sacrament at any time other than the procession. Ok, now it was time to focus back on the couple’s wedding photography, continuing with my photo-documentary and creative style of shooting!

First Sheila and Eugene’s parents and sponsors came down the aisle of the church and took their seats, followed by the wedding party. Eugene was already at the front and of course had one of the best views of all, but my camera captured some pretty good views, too. Next were the flower girls and coin bearer, which wonderfully included the son and daughter of Sheila and Eugene.  Then Sheila appeared.  She was escorted down the aisle to her waiting groom. From here the wedding photography was shot mostly from the sides of the sacrament and behind it, which made for some great shots.

The couple’s ceremony was wonderful. Father Lawrence delivered a very engaging and fun wedding ceremony. He involved the families and all of the guests. With such an interesting ceremony and the stories Father Lawrence gave, I’m sure the couple’s wedding guests listened intently and really appreciated in many ways Sheila and Eugene’s Immaculata San Diego wedding.

It seemed time flew by, as the 45-minute church ceremony was soon finished. After a few candid wedding photos we then captured some posed wedding photos inside and outside of The Immaculata. From there we were off for some scenic wedding photography at Sunset Cliffs, just along the coastline of San Diego. We went to a location near where I’ve photographed other weddings, but this was the first time in this particular spot of Sunset Cliffs.

A bit dusty and tricky to get to, it was nice nonetheless because of the unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean and coastal cliffs. We had a bit of fun with their San Diego wedding photography here, and then we wrapped it up for a few hour break before heading over to their Admiral Kidd wedding reception.

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