Association of Boards of Certification Conference

Association of Boards of Certification Conference Photos

We photographed The Associated Boards of Certification 26th Annual Conference recently at the Mission Valley Marriott in San Diego, CA. The 3-day event included Photography of Presenters Attendees, Interactions, Venue, Candids, and all ABC Requirements per their shot list.

In 1972, water and wastewater industry leaders began conversations that developed the groundwork for an association to foster operator certification throughout North America and reduce the diversity among certification programs. From those early discussions, the Association of Boards of Certification was born.

Today, our Association includes almost 100 certifying authorities, representing more than 40 states, 10 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as several international programs. These programs have certified more than 240,000 water and wastewater operators, laboratory analysts, plant maintenance technologists, biosolids land appliers, and backflow prevention assembly testers.

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