Getting Ready Wedding Photos Are a Key Part of Wedding Photography

Carrie and Rob Westin San Diego Wedding Prep by San Diego Wedding Photographer Andrew AbounaAn interesting moment captured during the getting ready wedding photos session prior to the wedding ceremony. Here the bride’s hands are just appearing through the top of her wedding dress as its lifted overhead, right before the dress is fitted around her.

Getting ready photos can be a key part of the wedding photography day. These photos not only capture interesting moments as we see here in this wedding dress photo, but getting ready photos are important because they capture all of the moments and anticipation leading up to the wedding ceremony. 

Wedding photography that creates the getting ready photos takes place wherever the bride will be getting dressed for her wedding. This may be a hotel, home, or wedding venue. And if the bride has bridesmaids they too are often getting ready in the same location.

While the time for the bride getting ready photos culminates with her being fitted into the wedding dress, there are so many other things going on that this part of wedding photography will capture. There maybe hair styling and makeup application, and all of the details to be photographed associated with those.

There are also fashion details to photograph for the getting ready photos, like shoes, jewelry, bridesmaid(s) dresses, and of course the wedding dress. Getting great photos of the wedding dress before it’s worn by the bride is actually a key part of wedding photography. Care and interest is taken to capture the wedding dress in a variety of perspectives, to create its own collection of wedding photography photos.

Once the bride is fitted in the dress, often with the help of bridesmaids or mother(s), the dress is then fastened in one of many different ways depending upon the style of the dress. Getting ready photos of the dress being fastened is a very moment, and it’s what followed this photo of the bride emerging into her wedding dress.

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