San Diego Commercial Real Estate Photography in Otay Mesa

Here’s a fast look at several buildings which I recently photographed in Otay Mesa for a real estate properties company. Providing San Diego commercial real estate photography is a professional service I’ve been doing for many years. Using a various cameras, lenses and techniques, both on the ground and in the air, my goal to create inspiring photographs that help sell property.¬†Check out the photo montage below of San Diego Commercial Real Estate Photography in Otay Mesa.

Click and drag with your mouse across the image to make it play, or use the optional view buttons to go forward, backward, play, or zoom.

[wr360embed name=”yourviewname” width=”100%” height=”450px” basewidth=”620px” config=”/wp-content/plugins/webrotate-360-product-viewer/360_assets/otaymesabuildings/Otay Mesa Commercial Buildings San Diego Real Estate Photography AbounaPhoto.xml”]