Surfer Girl Photos of Bikini Beauty Kathryn

San Diego and Southern California are renowned for surfing. The waves, weather, surfboards, surf wear, and yes surfer girls. This and more are all part of the surfing culture. And when it comes to looking fabulous ashore there’s one girl that does it really well, and that’s Kathryn. And just like surfing, this beach photography session was a lot of fun for all the many views created in her nice surfer girl photos collection.

This photography page features a nice large gallery of surfer girl photos and shows the many looks of Kathryn. It all started out with us picking  a fabulous blue sky day for our model photo shoot at a beach in beautiful La Jolla, California. Located in the northern part of San Diego, just below Del Mar, CA, La Jolla has many very popular and accessible beaches. On our shoot day, Kathryn and I had the beach all to ourselves so that we could create her surfer girl photos.

We both wanted a nice variety of model shots for her portfolio, so we began the shoot with her wearing a cute, colorful dress. From there we progressed to her changing wardrobe into her black bikini. We also posed with her Tokoro surfboard, but many shots required only nature. In the photo shoot I was going for bold, vivid, and dramatic photos. This tends to be more my style in all of my photography, particularly in my wedding photography and portrait photography, but my goal with Kathryn’s surfer photos was eye-popping style.

The shots of Kathryn would have been eye-popping enough with her posing, looks, bikini, and nice tattoo artwork. But from my standpoint as a San Diego photographer, I wanted to push things a little further, within the limits we had set for her model photo shoot. So here are the results, a nice varied collection of surfer girl photos of bikini beauty, Kathryn. Be sure also see the accompanying surfer girl video sideshow created with some of these photos.

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