Surfer Girl Video and Beach Photo Shoot for Kathryn

In this photography article you can see a high-definition,dynamic slideshow created from a La Jolla, San Diego, California beach model photo shoot. This particular video slideshow features model Kathryn in a colorful dress and black bikini. The photos for the slideshow were created from selections of the main gallery of Kathryn’s surfer girl photos. That gallery presents the many looks of Kathryn, which you can see more of in the accompanying San Diego photography article  Surfer Girl Photos of Bikini Beauty Kathryn.

Backdropped by the vivid blue water and surf of the Southern California, Pacific Ocean, this surfer girl video slideshow highlights the model photo shoot of Kathryn, with dress and bikini wardrobe, and a Tokoro surfboard. Kathryn’s lovely black hair and ink art on across her tattooed back are nicely prominent in some of these model shots, and add an exotic touch to this beach photo shoot.

The dozen or so shots of Kathryn used in this surfer girl video would have been eye-popping enough with just her posing, looks, bikini, and nice tattoo artwork. But as a San Diego photographer who always wants to push things a little further, at least within the limits we had set for her model photo shoot, I chose to add additional enhancement to some of the images while building in some fun transitions for this surfer girl video slideshow.

Creating dynamic slideshows like this surfer girl video are an important part of how I present my San Diego photography for clients. Slideshows add energy and feeling to already beautiful photos, and  make for a wonderful way to share favorite photos from the photography I create.

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