Fuji Bikes Gran Fondo

Fuji Bikes Gran Fondo.

It wasn’t too long ago that I got my hands on a Fuji Gran Fondo 1.5 from Performance Bicycle. The Fuji Bikes Gran Fondo is considered a long-distance performance bicycle that is said to have the perfect mix of stability and power, making it an extremely versatile roadbike. It certainly looks very nice, too, as the shots from this bike photoshoot show.

The Fuji Bikes Gran Fondo is equipped with Shimano’s smooth Ultegra shifting and Oval Concepts components. The frame is constructed carbon C-10, giving a nice blend of stability, strength, light weight, and compliance. Riding the Fuji Bikes Gran Fondo is also quite pleasurable. I found the bike to be very comfortable to ride on all sorts of road surfaces, so it really is very complain, and with it’s more upright positioning that added to comfort as well. Given it’s components it was no surprise shifting was very smooth through all gears. The stiff Rotor crank helped me to get power to the chain with little loss of energy it seemed.

In capturing these shots of the Fuji Bikes Gran Fondo I used a traditional setup in my San Diego photography studio, which for this bike shoot consisted of a solid white backdrop (backdrops are always important in a photoshoot), studio lighting strobes. I also mixed up the camera angles a bit to give a range of shots, from standard magazine and marketing type commercial photography shots to some more unique views of the bike.

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