Shirlyne Humphrey, Greene Music Piano Recital Photography

Shirlyne Humphrey, Greene Music Piano Recital Photography

It was such a delightful visual and sound experience to have photographed Shirlyne Humphrey‘s 20 piano students for their recital at Greene Music in San Diego. Shirlyne is a professional piano specialist who is an instructor and performer. The evening piano recital photography and videography captured this year’s recital theme featuring the music of Michael Jackson.

All of the students played wonderfully. At the conclusion of the recital Shirlyne recognized each student by presenting them individually with a medal. Parents, grandparents, and friends attended the recital and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music played by the young pianists and the professional and fun recital arranged by Shirlyne.

The piano recital photography took place in the very nice recital hall at Greene Music. The hall consisted of a stage, with two grand pianos, seating, nicely appointed walls and decor, and a flat black ceiling with stage lighting. The venue is perfect for any music performance, and was ideal for piano and musician photography. Featured on this page are some of the many favorites I have from the piano recital photography. The complete collection of all the photos from the shoot can be seen in the San Diego Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

In order to capture the piano recital photography with the same energy as the student’s were putting into their performance, I followed my golden rule in photography which is to always move about, shooting interesting angles. These shots were from the back of the room, midway to the stage, and then two shots kneeling at the stage either straight on or from an oblique view.

While it would have been a bit disruptive and perhaps unnerving to the student’s, I limited myself to shooting from four perspectives. I photographed with the same perspectives for each of the 20 students so that they would all have the same type of shots. As usual in my event photography, I used two cameras, and up to four lenses.

I am also so delighted to be featured in the May newsletter from Greene Music because of the photography, video and this article . It’s Greene Music’s 40th year and I have to say, I was amazed by their size, amazing collection of pianos, and the wonderful atmosphere there! Be sure to see Greene Music’s 2014 May newsletter

See the newsletter below, and you can read more about Greene Music at,For more information about musician photography, please contact me.

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