Ender’s Game Movie Set Photos

Ender’s Game Movie Set Photos

I recently watched the movie “Ender’s Game”, which I liked, and this reminded me I needed to make a post about the HGTV-sponsored Ender’s Game  Fan Experience at Comic-Con 2013 that I photographed for Antelope Entertainment. Included here are some Ender’s Game Movie Set Photos of the mock up of parts of the movie set. HGTV partnered with Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE Company, to create this exclusive experience at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The exhibit of the “Ender’s Game” Fan Experience included eight unique rooms, each depicting the iconic environments of Ender’s world. To create a complete set of Ender’s Game Movie Photos, the convention photography captured shots of the exhibit before fans entered and then fan reactions while experiencing the set inside. The photography began with outside shots of the exhibit against the San Diego skyline, showing fans waiting amongst the contrasting palms of the downtown promenade where the exhibit was situated across from the San Diego Convention Center.

When the exhibit opened, photography captured fans being issued photo-ID by HGTV-shirt clad staff, giving a fun anticipation to the realism of the exhibit. Since I’d already photographed the exhibit on my first walk through, I next captured fans going through each of the rooms within the Ender’s Game Fan Experience. Fans really enjoyed what they saw, especially since they could interact with parts of the set, sit in the ready-room chairs, and explore all of the quality that went into creating exhibit. Also captured during other parts of the convention photography were some street photography of the promotion for “Ender’s Game”, as well as shots inside at the Summit Entertainment booth.

“Ender’s Game” It was a highly anticipated film promotion and fans weren’t disappointed. The convention photos in this post, and the complete collection of Ender’s Game movie photos gave a nice variety of views inside and outside of the excellent display. And, upon leaving Comic-Con, it was nice for me to have also seen a star of the movie, Mr. Harrison Ford.

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