Clean Air Power Executive Headshots

Clean Air Power Executive Headshots

Clean Air Power, a pioneer in the move towards natural-gas powered trucks, recently required executive headshots for its directors and management team. The Poway, CA based company uses its tried-and-tested Dual-Fuel technologies to guarantee diesel engine performance, bringing significant cost savings for operators with the added benefit of lower carbon dioxide and fewer air quality emissions from the tailpipe.

With customers in the US, UK and most recently Australia, Clean Air Power operates on a global stage. And it is set for rapid growth. It has a dedicated R&D facility in Leyland, Lancashire, UK, where the company focuses on further development of its retro-fit Dual-Fuel™ technology and its new OEM integrated engine systems.

In addition to having executive headshots for Clean Air Power, we have also provided product photography of their engine components. For the complete collection of Clean Air Power’s executive headshots, please visit the San Diego Commercial Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

Executive headshots, with a consistent and well-finished look can be an important marketing tool for businesses. Inconsistent looking headshots sometimes come about when executives are photographed at different times, places and by different photographers. Consistent,  cohesive executive headshots reflect that image about  a company.

To create consistent executive headshots for Clean Air Power, the company’s executives and management team were all photographed on the same day, using the same backdrop, lighting and post-shoot editing techniques. The same range of poses for each executive were captured, and this afforded the company to select their preferred pose for each executive from a collection of online proof images. Additional editing of the company’s preferred images provide the final photos that Clean Air Power will use for its marketing.

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