Paul Family Portraits in Oceanside California

Brittany Paul Family Portraits Oceanside California by San Diego Photographers Andrew AbounaIt’s always wonderful when I’m asked to provide photography for the second, third or more time for a client, and that’s the situation with the Paul Family. It was just last year when I created Brittany and Blake’s wedding photography, and with family in town again it was a special time that they asked me to capture to create their family portraits in Oceanside, California.

Bringing families together can sometimes be difficult because like a lot of us we’ve relocated so don’t live nearby. Capturing family photos at the times when they come together can be very special and important, and it’s something I’ve had the pleasure of being called upon a number of times throughout San Diego, just like these Paul family portraits in Oceanside.

As with many of my portrait photography or other photo sessions I like to create of wide mix or shots, and not just through different poses but also by using changes in scenery, whether it’s natural or urban. Doing what I call a ‘walkabout photoshoot’ makes for a nice variety of backdrops as we walk around a given location, because just around a corner there’s always sometime different that can be used for changing the look, feel and texture of a photos.

Using various lenses and cameras as I do helps as well, but the feel of a photo, and even our comfort within a photo, will all change for one spot to another. For the Paul’s family portraits in Oceanside we used landscaping, the beach, building graffiti art, a gazebo, and even a fast-moving train, as you can see some of these favorite photos of mine from their shoot.

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