Chase Senior Photography

Chase Senior Photography

More than just a senior photography session, Chase also needed a collection of headshots to include in his acting portfolio. Together with his dad and my very good friend Scott, the three of us spent a little time in a nearby El Cajon park, and just a short drive from my San Diego photography studio, to create a collection of senior photos that best captures Chase’s character.

As with any good portrait session, nice lighting and a variety of looks, be it poses or wardrobe changes, together with a few different camera settings, all help to give variety for a more diverse portfolio. Featured on this page are a few of my favorites from Chase’s senior photography. His complete collection of wonderful photos can be accessed in my San Diego Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

Featured on this page are just a few of my favorite shots from Chase’s senior photography session. In addition to the important technical aspects of a photoshoot, an important feature of a good photo session is one that feels comfortable and genuine for both the subject and even the photographer. Of course, Chase and I have known each other all his like, but comfort can differ when a camera is present. That’s why it’s very important to always bring a style of fun to the shoot. That means engaging in regular conversation, explaining and coaching a little bit, and even sharing regularly what the photos look like by previewing the photos with the client.

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