Collage of Family Photos

In this fun collage of family photos, that I actually created while photographing the couple’s beach wedding, I’ve blended a mix of joyful images from mementos that the couple shared with their two children. The event was as much a wedding as it was a time to capture family portraits, and so I thought it was fitting to create a collage of family photos. In fact, many weddings are also the perfect time for family portraits, and that’s why I always make a point not to miss creating family portraits during my wedding photography for couples.

While any one of the images in this collage of family photos would stand out just fine by itself, it’s also nice having a mix of photos arranged in different sizes with each expressing a particular moment from the photography session which, as you can see, is a family portrait, too. All of the images in this collage of family photos were shot at the same time and lovely beach location in La Jolla, San Diego.

The main image in the collage of family photos is the large photo in the top left, with the couple walking on the rock and looking out to the ocean. I actually turned this image into a 20×30″ metal print for the couple and for my studio, which you can see in my post about metal prints. It’s a pretty spectacular image on metal that hangs perfectly on the wall and which has to be seen to be appreciated. The spectacular display of metals are why I include large metal prints in my larger wedding photography packages.

Inset in the top left photo of this collage of family photos is a really fun image of the two children hanging on to the backs of their parents. Everyone is full of smiles, and though it’s a small photo, it still adds nicely to the collage. To the far right are the newlyweds walking hand in hand on the beach. You can see by their movement and faces that this is a very happy moment for the couple.

From left to right on the bottom half of this collage of family photos is another of my favorite shots, with dad swooping his daughter up and away of the waves. Both are smiling and having a wonderful time, and the camera caught this moment nicely. The next image that’s centered in the bottom adds some contrast to collage of family photos because it’s a black and white photo. Then there’s another really fun photo of the two children running up from the beach.

I did add in one wedding photo in this collage of family photos because it shows another dimension to the unity of the family, one which I felt was important and helps to tell a story of the family.  Finally, the bottom right photo is a very wide angle, cropped photo of the newlyweds standing upon the same large rock as in the larger top left photo. I added this image to add some drama to the collage of family photos and to give more of an idea of the setting for the family portraits in La Jolla, San Diego.

This entire collage I printed as one large image and looks amazing. It’s a very affordable way to display a variety of photos. Ready to hang, durable, and in beautiful color.

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