Stevenson Family Portraits Paradise Point Photos

The lovely Stevenson family came to San Diego to celebrate the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. A wonderful time for them, not only for the happiness of their 50 plus years together, but also because it provided an opportunity for their whole family to vacation together and for me to create their Paradise Point Photos.

Also known as San Diego’s Island Resort, the 44-acre island retreat of tropical Paradise Point Resort & Spa is tucked away on gentle Mission Bay and boasts all the ingredients for family vacation fun. The resort is also a favorite spot of mine for creating lovely wedding and portrait photography, like the Stevenson Family’s Paradise Point Photos.

The Stevenson’s were such a delight to spend some time with. Our brief 45-minute family portrait session was perfect amount of photography time to capture a nice collection of about a hundred final digital images. It was also just about the right amount of time to keep the attention of two younger children. After all, family portraits should be fun for everyone.

The portraits, like the collection on this page of some of my photographer favorites of the Stevenson’s Paradise Point Photos, should also always offer a variety of photos from which to choose. With the nice setting of the resort, different cameras and perspectives, and some moderate photo editing, a nice collection of family portraits is the result.

What you’ll see also in this collection of Paradise Point photos is my style of mixing up the poses. In addition to traditional poses with the family closely grouped, I also like to create a bit more natural and comfortable-looking space between those in the photo. That’s how we often stand normally anyway, not bunched up. Also, we aren’t always stationary as in traditional poses, instead, it’s nice to have movement. Movement, like walking, will completely changes how we appear, and in fact it can even make for a more elegant shot. Plus it adds fun, as you can see some of the Stevenson’s Paradise Point photos.

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