Mary’s Family Portraits Photography at Barona Resort

Family portraits take just a short time to create but the moments they capture last a lifetime. Gathering family members together can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially if they live far apart or are busy with their daily lives, so scheduling and coordinating a family portrait session together can require some effort. But there are times when a family gathers for special occasions and these can be the perfect time for family portraits photography.

Special family occasions include getting together specifically for the portraits, or for vacations, holidays, celebrating an anniversary, or in the case of Mary’s family portraits photography where they all got together at Barona Resort for a birthday lunch for her mom. Creating professional family portraits on special occasions not only captures the family together, but also preserves the moment and memories of the occasion, too.

Picking a lovely setting, or one that fits the theme of the special occasions can be important to creating great family portraits photography. For Mary’s family portraits, the Barona Resort in Lakeside, CA, just east of San Diego, provided a lovely setting nice architecture, a pond with waterfalls, and some great props in terms of rustic farm and old west implements. We spent about an hour moving about the Barona property in order to create a nice mix of family portrait poses.

Variety, fun, being sure to capture natural-looking expressions, and creating some great photos are all important elements that should always part of portraits. I think we created a very nice family portraits photography session at Barona Resort, as you can see in the accompanying selected of a few of my photographer favorite photos. To see the complete collection of family portraits from this session, please visit my San Diego Portrait Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

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