Catherine’s Modeling Photo Shoot

Creating a modeling shoot in the natural environment can often be more fun and interesting than one with a solid backdrop. So when Catherine contacted me in her search for modeling photographers in San Diego, we talked about a few outdoor location ideas and decided upon the one we used for her shoot. One thing that I like most about shooting in a natural space are the availability of colors and textures that add a nice interesting to photos.

When shooting outdoors as a modeling photographers in San Diego I like to make sure that the natural features don’t detract, but rather compliment the model. You can see in this collection of some of my favorite model shots of Catherine that we developed some nice photos where she contrasts very nicely with the natural space. Of course, it’s Catherine nice features and look that catches your attention, and she further compliments the photos with her wardrobe.

Now shooting outdoors can have it’s challenges, with lighting being one of them. Lighting is always a challenge of course, as it’s key to all shoots by modeling photographers in San Diego. The added challenge outdoors compared to shooting indoors is to create shade as well as lighting the model. For Catherine’s modeling photo shoot, I used a ‘gobo’ to go between Catherine and the sun in order to create shade, while also using a combination of strobe and reflective lighting to illuminate Catherine. Warm, even lighting was my goal for most of the shots, with a mix of other lighting styles for an added variety to her collection of modeling photos.

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