Natalia Model Photo Shoot for Miss United Continents 2014

This year’s Miss United Continents 2014 contest in Guayaquil, Equador will include the lovely Natalia featured here. She is one of 40 confirmed contestants, each representing one of 40 countries from across the world. Natalia is representing the hometown of Beirut, Lebanon. It was my pleasure to spend a couple of hours with Natalia recently to create a portrait model photo shoot for her portfolio and use in the Miss United Continents contest.

A model photo shoot needs to accomplish several things, the most important of which is to make sure that the model, in this case Natalia, looks great. It’s a joint effort between the model and photographer, Looking through this collection of some of my San Diego photographer favorites, I would have to say that we met our goal.

The model photo shoot must also consist of variety, great lighting and editing, and above all a natural look for the model. This latter element in creating great model and portrait photos often comes through having a fun, relaxed photo shoot. Making that happen is an element that I create in all of my San Diego photo shoots, whether for a model, portraits, wedding or events. Natural beauty can only be captured when both the model and indeed the photographer, are both in tune with each other and are enjoying themselves.

Creating a variety of poses in a model photos shoot is also important because of the value in having a collection of different looks. I know that from Natalia’s perceptive, as of course in many model photo shoots, the ability to choose from different looks adds a lot of dimension and possibilities in the use of the photos. The variety of shots created here were made possible through Natalia’s posing and wardrobe, plus my choice of location, camera techniques and lenses, and the all-important post-shoot editing.

It was my pleasure to create this model photo shoot for Natalia and wish her the best success in the Miss United Continent 2014 contest.

The complete collection of Natalia’s Model Photo Shoot for Miss United Continent 2014 can be seen in my San Diego Portrait Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

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