Vanessa and Greg Coronado Portraits

Vanessa and Greg Coronado Portraits

I first met Vanessa and Greg four years ago when I photographed the lovely couple’s wedding on the beach in Coronado, near the Hotel Del Coronado. They had a sunset wedding surrounded by family and friends. Fast forward to a few months ago when Greg contacted me to ask about creating Coronado portraits with him and Vanessa and their son, Donovan.

Naturally, when contacting someone after having only met them once or twice, and over a span of a number of years, one of the first questions we ask is ‘do you remember me’, or more specifically, ‘you photographed our wedding’. Being so courteous as Greg is, he indeed posed those questions. Immediately I replied that I did remember him and Vanessa. It’s hard not remember them because they are just so pleasant. In fact, I remember everyone of the couples I’ve photographed. I can’t say as I have the best memory in the world, but I do remember every bit of all the hundreds of photoshoots I’ve done over the years.

Now Greg was actually creating a surprise for Vanessa for her birthday and Mother’s Day. The couple and their son were planning a trip back out to the West and to San Diego, and he knew that something very dear to Vanessa would be to visit the very spot where their wedding was photographed on Coronado, this time with their son to create Coronado Portraits. On top of that, he said, was to have their wedding photographer (moi) create those family photos for them!

And so, when Greg contacted me a couple of months ago Vanessa’s birthday was just around the corner and he wanted surprise her with his secret plan for family portraits. Greg and I arranged everything and I sent him a special certificate that he could give Vanessa for her birthday. With that, he gave her a wonderful surprise!

A few days ago I had the pleasure of seeing Vanessa and Greg again, and meeting their son, Donovan. The four of us spent a lovely sunset on the beach in Coronado to create their portraits. We photographed on the beach, in the water as it came ashore, at a lifeguard tower, and at the Hotel del Coronado. Here on this page I’ve selected a few of my favorites to share. Their complete collection of wonderful photos can be accessed in my San Diego Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

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