Trina and Drew La Jolla Wedding Photography

Trina and Drew La Jolla Wedding Photography

Most any day is a beautiful one in the lovely coastal San Diego community of La Jolla, and when there’s a wedding it just seems brighter. But, when you add in the lovely bride and groom of Trina and Drew, well, it’s a day that couldn’t be more wonderful. You only have to look at this collection of my favorites of their La Jolla Wedding Photography to know what I mean.

Take Trina’s gorgeous wedding dress for example. The color, the fabric, the design. Then adorn her with it and she looks every bit the exquisite bride. Drew compliments her perfectly, and she does him. I’ve actually known Drew for some time, having worked with him a number of  years ago, and so it was a real pleasure for me to be able to be a part of his and Trina’s wedding.

The couple’s family and friends came from near and far, all the way from Ireland and Australia. That not only tells us how wonderful and important the two are to their loved ones, but also how important Trina and Drew are to each other, as their loved ones know this and just had to be a part of their wedding.

Their La Jolla Wedding Photography began with shots of their getting ready in the nearby Inn by the Sea. After about an hour there it was time for their ceremony at the popular Cuvier Park, which overlooks a couple of the beautiful beaches in La Jolla. Like the getting ready shots, I captured their wedding ceremony in photo-documentary style, with a few creative shots here and there.

After they each read their own handwritten vows they were pronounced married by Drew’s friend who was officiating. The newlyweds then walked back up the aisle of their family and friends who all tossed small beach balls into the air. A lot more colorful than rice of years gone by, as you can see in a few of their photos on this page. Their complete collection of hundreds of wonderful photos can be accessed in my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

Following a session of posed photos with their family, it was time to get more creative in their La Jolla Wedding Photography. Since we had scoped out the venue together earlier, they had some idea of what they wanted. And being as I am, I went with that and the spontaneity that I like to shoot by. We proceeded out onto the rocky edge nearer the Pacific Ocean to take better advantage of the beautiful color of the water and scenery, opportunities for strong lighting that I sometimes like to use, and of course the beautiful Trina and Drew and their happiness. Overall, it became pretty easy to get some really nice wedding photos for the couple, like those featured here.

After our fun beach wedding photoshoot, it was time to head to their wedding reception venue at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The nostalgia of being aboard an old and historic boat like the Berkeley, with other wonderful boats around us like the Star of India, it was the prefect touch to where we started with their La Jolla Wedding Photography. This was all complimented by the beautiful San Diego skyline, bay, and a lovely sunset.

Trina and Drew’s wedding reception at the Maritime Museum included toasts out on the deck of the Berkeley. During this time I captured many candids and then a group photo of all their guests. There weren’t many posed photos that evening, as t think reception wedding photography is really more about candids than posing. As when photographing parties and events, which a reception is as much of as it is a celebration, it’s best to be meld in while also be observant to capturing the fun and joy of the reception.

Of course, it’s important to also photograph the traditional first dance and wedding cake cutting, but in wedding reception photography it’s important to be actively photo-documenting the fun, while adding in some interesting and creative shots here and there. I’ve included in this post a few of their reception photos so that you can see what I mean. And that was it. A lifetime moment captured to last a lifetime in their collection of wedding photos.

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