Favorite Photos on Metal Photographic Prints

Favorite Photos on Metal Photographic Prints

There are a number of steps in creating and enjoying beautiful photos. First of course there’s the creative and professional shoot, followed by the extensive and all-important editing of the captured images. But what comes next will determine how you will see and enjoy those photos. Having your photos buried deep on the hard drive won’t bring your photos to life. Instead, the capture of time, place and feeling should never be lost, it should only be enhanced. One of the very best ways to display your favorite photos is through the brilliance of metal photographic prints.

Vibrant and durable, these ready-to-hang metal prints are spectacular and unlike what you might have seen before. Creating something so impressive is a multi-step process. After you choose your favorite images, I edit and retouch them as needed ad in high-definition.

Next, each image is infused with vibrant colors onto a sheet of aluminum using a dye-sublimation process of heat and pressure. And finally, a mounting back is affixed that will stand the image a half inch of the wall when hung, giving the metal print a more dimensional appearance. For even more thickness to the metal print, I can mount the metal onto a 3/4″ standout print. Metal prints are also available in all sorts of sizes, from 5×7″ all the way up to 43×96″.

The finished metal photographic print, with its almost-magical, liquid appearance, is something that has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Their rich colors and luminescence are breathtaking, and detail and resolution are unsurpassed. The metal photographic print actually becomes a work of art that looks even more fantastic under directed light.

In many of my photography packages I include metal photographic prints because I want to be sure that clients can being to enjoy their photos the way they should, every day and in beautiful color. To learn more about metal photographic prints, or other printing, and packages, please contact me.


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