Product Photography of Engine Components for Clean Air Power

A little while ago, Clean Air Power, a pioneer in the move towards natural-gas powered trucks, required product photography of a number of their specially-designed engine components for large truck engines. The product photography shots are now being used for the company’s website and for their other marketing purposes. The Poway (San Diego County), California company uses its tried-and-tested Dual-Fuel technologies to guarantee diesel engine performance, bringing significant cost savings for operators with the added benefit of lower carbon dioxide and fewer air quality emissions from the tailpipe.

As with any photo, the visual impact, like that provided by product photography shots of the company’s engine components, is a big help to Clean Air Power for presenting their customers in the US, the UK and most recently Australia, with a clear picture of what the company’s products look like. And the slideshow presented on this page provides an added impact by dynamically presenting a compilation of the final product photography images that we created for Clean Air Power.

The product photography shoot included correctly lighting and photographing each component, either individually or as a collection of parts, then processing all of the images to ensure a clean and accurate views of each piece. We even modified some of the branding of components by updating some of the parts with the company’s desired logo, while giving the appearance as if the logo had been on the component during the entire shoot. The company received a complete collection of both low and high resolution images for all of the two dozen components that were photographed.

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