Danielle’s Debut 18th Birthday Party Photography San Diego Crowne Plaza Hotel

Danielle 18th Birthday Party Debut Event Photography Crowne Plaza San Diego by AbounaPhoto
We captured a nice variety of posed and fun photos at the event venue, Crowne Plaza

Danielle’s Debut 18th Birthday Party Photography in San Diego at the Crowne Plaza Hotel was a wonderful success and celebration of this momentous occasion. The 18th birthday party is a very special time for a teen, their family, and friends because it in part marks a transition to adulthood. Through great preparation, some of which you can see in Danielle’s birthday party photography San Diego featured in this event photographer article, there was a lot of celebration and excitement had by all of the guests.

In Philippine tradition, Danielle and her family threw a large party, complete with her own hand-picked entourage of 18 friends, plus one more for her escort. Danielle wore a lovely princess dress, while the girls of her court all wore matching pink dresses cut just above the knee. The guys were each wearing black pants, white shirts, and black vests.

Danielle 18th Birthday Party Debut Event Photography Crowne Plaza San Diego by AbounaPhoto
Table decor featured accenting colors and photo holders for an evening keepsake

Before the official program for the evening started, we began Danielle’s birthday party photography San Diego with some shots of the wonderfully decorated ballroom, created by JD Productions. Following the table and room shots, it was time for some fun and posed photos of Danielle and her court. In varying combinations, the Event Photography in San Diego captured the group in the ballroom, and in various places around the nice property at Crowne Plaza. Working alongside and independently, was the really attentive videography being created by Victory at Sea Films.

The official Debut, the official name of this traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration, began with the grand entrance of the court and Danielle, which the party photography San Diego captured using both cameras for a nice range of perspectives. Danielle’s parents then offered a prayer and the rest of the evening commenced.

Danielle 18th Birthday Party Debut Event Photography Crowne Plaza San Diego by AbounaPhoto
Danielle with one of her Court sharing an 18 Roses Dance
Danielle 18th Birthday Party Debut Event Photography Crowne Plaza San Diego by AbounaPhoto
Some of the guys awaiting their turn for the 18  Roses Dance

The program and birthday party photography San Diego captured the wonderful buffet meal, catered by the Crowne Plaza. This was followed by posed shots with Danielle as she visited at each of the two dozen tables of guests. Meanwhile, some guests were having fun at the photo booth provided by Picture Bakery, or indulging in the fantastic sweets table. The event photography next captured the  “18 Roses Dance”, which started first with a memorable “Father and Daughter Dance”. For the 18 Roses Dance, 18 preselected males of the debutante’s choice each danced with Danielle after first presenting her with a single pink rose.

Danielle 18th Birthday Party Debut Event Photography Crowne Plaza San Diego by AbounaPhoto
One of Danielle’s friends and Court reading heartfelt words during the 18 Candles

Another key moment for the party was the 18 “candles”, where Danielle’s female f family and friends, beginning first with her mother, each delivered a short speech about their relationship with her. There were laughs, happy moments recalled, as well as a few joyful tears in this special greeting. The intimate moments were just the right time for tight shots of the presenters using my telephoto lens, standard on all of my parts photography San Diego shoots.

Other highlights of the evening included Danielle’s father and brother signing to her, two sets of friends each singing either a solo, or a group medley to Danielle, and of course a birthday cake. The court also performed a “Grand Cotillion Dance”, which in this case was a modern waltz. The evening’s event photography finished with capturing the group also perfuming a hip-hop, then dancing that was opened for all guests to enjoy.

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Danielle 18th Birthday Party Debut Event Photography Crowne Plaza San Diego by AbounaPhoto
An evening full of celebration, feelings and special moments, all captured and ready to share, print, and remember in page after page of a wonderful commemorate photo book

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