Danielle and Ryan Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding

I’ve photographed a number of events at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn but this was actually my first time creating wedding photography at the resort. Photographing at a location for the first time, or for a new type of event, can add inspiration to a photo shoot because it’s exciting to envision new views and perspectives, and to bring them to life as I did for Danielle and Ryan’s wedding.

More spontaneous wedding photography inspiration like this always leads to unique and beautiful photos, and that suits me perfectly well because I always strive to create very personalized wedding photos for each couple. Danielle and Ryan’s Rancho Bernardo Inn wedding was no exception.

The collection of wedding photos featured on this page show some of my wedding photographer favorite shots that I created for Danielle and Ryan’s Rancho Bernardo Inn wedding. To see their complete collection of wedding photos please visit my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

For the lovely couple’s Rancho Bernardo Inn wedding photography, I captured their complete wedding day, including getting ready, ceremony, posed and creative photos, and some special moments. I photographed afterwards at an Escondido Estate.

Their wedding photos at the Rancho Bernardo Inn started with photographing Danielle and her bridesmaid’s getting ready. This included shots of their hair and make-up, the bride’s wedding dress, and some fun posed and creative photos of Danielle with her dress.

To give the girls time to get dressed, and to photograph the groom Ryan and his groomsmen getting ready, I went to his suite to capture these equally important moments. Naturally, the guys always get ready quicker than the gals, so I had a little time for some nice posed and creative wedding photos with the groom, his family and his groomsmen. We photographed on the golf course of the Rancho Bernardo Inn and in some of the spontaneous locations that I found along the way while walking with the guys up to the ceremony site.

It was now time for me to return to the bride’s suite to photograph Danielle in her lovely wedding dress that she was now wearing. I created a few nicely backlit shots of her in front of the patio, and photographed the heartfelt moment as she read a personal letter that Ryan had written and just sent to her.

With the ceremony time near, it was now time for another special moment before their wedding ceremony, where I would photograph the couple holding hands in prayer. With a little first-look inspiration of my own, I selected a scenic spot for the couple to meet. Danielle arrived first at the location, then with the help of Danielle’s mom and Catering Sales Manager Holy Nelson, Ryan was guided in, walking backwards so as not to see his lovely bride but close enough to hold her hand. This moment together for the couple created the perfect opportunity for some unique Rancho Bernardo Inn wedding photos for the couple.

Since it was now time for the couple’s ceremony, Ryan proceeded to the ceremony location, where I followed him to capture the ceremony site, their guests, and to prepare for the procession. The procession started with the ring boy walking wearing a cute sign and the flower girl pulling a little wagon. And then Danielle appeared atop the stairs of a nearby second floor. Escorted by her father, she made her entrance towards her groom Ryan, whom you can see was ever so happy to see his bride.

My wedding photography captured the ceremony in my photo-journalistic style, as I moved about the venue to capture a nice collection of views and perspectives. I intermixed those shots with some creative wedding photography, too. After the ceremony it was time for traditional posed photos, but also a nice variety of unique and personalized photos. The couple’s Rancho Bernardo Inn wedding was a beautiful venue and it made for a lovely backdrop for the bride and groom’s wedding photography.

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