Redline Aviation Product Photography Shoot

Redline Aviation Photography Shoot by San Diego Photographer Andrew Abouna
Redline Aviation Product Photography Shoot by San Diego Photographer Andrew Abouna

Redline Aviation is a producer and distributor of personal aircraft accessories, notably power drivers for moving small aircraft, tow bars and maintenance equipment. Redline products can be used in various aircraft, including Cessna, Beechcraft, Mooney and Eclipse. Recently I had the opportunity to provide a product photography shoot of several of their power drivers at the company’s hanger in El Cajon, near San Diego, California.

Product photography is often a key element in helping company’s market what they sell, and can even help in advertising certain types of services, too. The product photography shoot for Redline Aviation entailed a backdrop and lighting, and individually staging each of the company’s power drivers and their accessories. However, a key element in the product photography, as with all of my shoots, is post-shoot editing.

The post-shoot editing included additional lighting adjustments and isolating each component onto either a solid white or transparent background. By isolating each component individually through the post-editing of the product photography shoot, the flexibility of later combining components into carrying combinations becomes possible. This allows for the most flexibility in marketing shots.

Out of a couple hundred various perspectives that were shot of a variety of different Redline Aviation’s components, a dozen final images were selected for final editing to be used by the company for their website and marketing. Featured in this product photography article are some of those images. Redline aviation received all of the images in both low and high resolution in order to give them maximum flexibility in using the images for their business marketing.

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