La Jolla Wedding Photography for Diana and Gregory

Diane and Gregory La Jolla Wedding Photography by Wedding Photographer San Diego Andrew Abouna
The coast of La Jolla always makes for the perfect wedding backdrop
Diane and Gregory La Jolla Wedding Photography by Wedding Photographer San Diego Andrew Abouna
Diana in her Vietnamese wedding dress sharing flowers with her niece just before the ceremony

Amazing views of beaches and cliffs, and the bride’s beautiful Vietnamese wedding dress enhance this top La Jolla Wedding Photography location in San Diego, California. It’s hard to beat the lovely coastal San Diego community of La Jolla. This area of San Diego always makes for a perfect seaside destination wedding location.

Along the coast there’s Cuvier Park, also called the ‘wedding bowl’, which is a highly sought after wedding ceremony venue because of its spectacular beach views, grass lawn with room for plenty of guest seating, and easy accessibility. I also like Cuvier Park for its adjacent cliffs, ocean waves, and emerald waters. And on this day it also made for the perfect La Jolla wedding photography location for Diana and Gregory’s wedding.

Diane and Gregory La Jolla Wedding Photography by Wedding Photographer San Diego Andrew Abouna
Bride Diana reading her vows to her groom Gregory at their Cuvier Park wedding ceremony, officiated by Rev. Cathy Glenn

Bride Diana wore a traditional red Vietnamese wedding dress that not only looked and flowed beautifully, but I think enhanced every one of their La Jolla wedding photography photos. Diane also wore a traditional red a khăn đóng headdress. Red is considered a lucky color, but judging by the endearing look the bride and groom gave each other, which you can see in their wedding photos, the strong affection each has for the other is all they need.

Diana and Gregory’s wedding ceremony was officiated by the always-wonderful Reverend Cathy Glenn of Ever After Weddings. The wedding ceremony was genuinely and eloquently officiated as always. The couple’s ceremony also included a sand ceremony, that was participated in by the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. The mom’s each first poured sand into the container, followed by Diane and Gregory pouring in their sand, indicating the blending of their lives.

Diane and Gregory La Jolla Wedding Photography by Wedding Photographer San Diego Andrew Abouna
Another fun moment captured during the wedding ceremony, as Gregory ensures each grain of sand, representing the blending of their lives, is safely contained

In addition to the happiness of the ceremony there were also light-hearted moments, too, like when Gregory took hold of the sand container to better ensure every grain of sand could be fit into it. It’s times like these, of impromptu, unexpected, even subtle, fun wedding moments that are important, and which I ensure are captured through my La Jolla wedding photography. You can see more of the couple’s digital wedding photography collection by visiting my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

With so many top La Jolla wedding photography photos created for Diana and Gregory, the very best way for them to really enjoy them is going to be in one of my beautiful, Italian-made wedding album. These albums are an heirloom keepsake, a book that will excite the senses with each turn of the page. Because seeing, sharing, and touching wedding photos is the best way to endlessly relive the moment, for years and decades to come.

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Amazing views of beaches and cliffs, and a beautiful Vietnamese wedding dress enhanced this top La Jolla Wedding Photography area of San Diego, California.