Carlsbad Wedding Photographers for Brooke and Ryan

Like many weddings that I photograph, Brooke and Ryan’s beautiful wedding day consisted of capturing their wedding ceremony and their reception. Their wedding photography began at a lovely large ranch house in the Elfin Forest area of Escondido, CA, where I captured getting ready shots of the couple and the nice flurry of activity as they and their family and friends prepared themselves.

From the ranch it was off to Ponto Beach for their wedding ceremony, where my assistant and I would be the couple’s Carlsbad wedding photographers, providing both wedding photography and wedding videography. This was followed later on by photography and videography of their wedding reception back at the ranch house.

As Carlsbad wedding photographers, beach and destination weddings like this one for Brooke and Ryan are always a pleasure to photograph. There are countless beautiful beaches in San Diego County, and Ponto Beach is certainly one of them. And it wasn’t just the beach that made for a beautiful wedding venue, but it was the entire ceremony, the couple, and fantastic lighting from the setting sun as you can see in this collection of my Carlsbad wedding photographers’ favorites.

Some details that I especially liked about the couple’s beach wedding venue were the acrylic columns of the wedding arch with its blowing cloth above, the many bouquets of beautiful orchids, and the framed portrait of Brooke’s mom that occupied the seat where her passed mother would have taken. I feel it’s always important to capture during wedding ceremonies the parents and significant guests of the bride and groom. And so I was careful to also capture shots of the couple with Brooke’s mother’s portrait in the shot, an especially important feature that Brooke also wanted photographed.

The couple’s Carlsbad beach wedding was officiated by Reverend Christopher Tuttle, and I have to say that he delivered one of the most wonderful, personal, and fun wedding ceremonies that I’ve had the privilege of photographing these many years. You can find him at, his very well-named ministry.

Following Brooke and Ryan’s wedding ceremony we had a little time to create a collection of posed and creative Carlsbad wedding photographers shots. The couple did an excellent job of selecting their ceremony time because it took us right into the ‘golden hour’ for wedding photography.

The gorgeous warm lighting from the setting sun, combined with colors and textures of the rocks, beach and surf, and Brooke and Ryan’s wonderful appearance and enthusiasm, and my easy-going and fun shoot style, well, it all really helped make for some of the best wedding photography shots.

The time neared for their wedding reception at the ranch house, and when we arrived the guests were waiting for the couple’s grand entrance. The reception included appetizers beside a fantastic pool, surrounded terraces made of red brick. The dining tables, meal, toasts and dancing all took place at the wrought-iron-rimmed main patio just off the grand ranch house. Following the meal and toasts were the couple’s first dance, and the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

The master of ceremonies and wonderful DJ was Greg of San Diego Partytime DJs. Greg orchestrated a very comfortable and naturally-flowing scheduled for the evening’s events. From the quality of music play and the sound system, to the nice lighting everything sounded and looked great. And it was also very nice that he took care of the sound at Ponto Beach for the wedding ceremony, too.

The evening for this Carlsbad wedding photographers’ wedding day concluded after I captured a variety of moments according to the couple’s schedule. These included photography of the bouquet toss, garter toss, and wedding cake cutting. And there were two more special requests to photograph at the wedding reception. The first was of a heart-fully created first dance and cake-cutting for dear relatives of Brooke and Ryan. Lastly, we created a fun group portrait photo to capture all the couple with all of their wedding guests, which of which was created into be a wonderful keepsake and wedding album for the couple.

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