Carrie and Rob Sunset Cliffs Wedding in San Diego

My day of wedding photography for Carrie and Rob began when I met the lovely couple at the Westin San Diego Hotel at Emerald Plaza in downtown San Diego. It was here that the couple were getting ready for their wedding. Their Westin San Diego wedding preparation had the couple each in separate rooms of course, so that either wouldn’t get too early of a look at each other. When I arrived Courtney Cathleen was finishing up the lovely makeup work she was creating for Carrie for her and Rob’s Sunset Cliffs wedding.

Important elements of photographing the time of getting ready for a wedding includes many things, like capturing the hustle and bustle, bouquets, jewelry, shoes, and the dresses. There were three important dresses for I photographed, first were the two lovely blue bridesmaid dresses that would be worn by Carrie’s daughter and Rob’s daughter. Then of course there was photography for Carrie’s wedding dress that she’d be wearing for her Sunset Cliffs wedding. The nice backlighting of the draped window in the Westin worked perfectly to give the type of lighting effect that I wanted.

My San Diego wedding photography always captures shots of the bouquets, rings, and shoes. The very lovely flower bouquets were made by Carrie’s mother’s friend, Myeong. Details are so important in weddings, because often so much time and thought goes into these wedding elements, and they’ll make for important accents on the pages of the couple’s wedding album that I’ll be creating for them. One very important thought that Carrie carried with her was that of her deceased father, who’s photo she had in a lovely little frame attached to her wedding bouquet. His photo was also an important element in a bridal photo we created together, and the couple’s Sunset Cliffs wedding venue has special significance because it was here that Carrie had scattered her father’s ashes many years earlier.

Rob and his groomsmen – his sons and Carrie’s sons – were all ready to go by the time I went next to their room. Guys are almost always quick at getting ready, but I wanted to get a few shots of them while still at the Westin San Diego. So in addition to a few in their room, we took some more photos near the lobby area of the hotel. With that, they headed off to meet guests for the couple’s Sunset Cliffs wedding, and I went back to you Carrie’s room to capture photos of her putting on her wedding dress, and for some posed bridal photos.

With Carrie now ready, she was met outside the Westin by Chauffer Carolyn of Haynes Chauffering, who would be driving the bride and her girls to the Sunset Cliffs Wedding in a 1929 Durant. So, after a short drive from downtown San Diego I arrived at Sunset Cliffs just ahead of Carrie, where I was met by my assistant and second photographer, Donna.

I feel it’s sometimes very important to have a second photographer during the wedding ceremony, and for a number of reasons. First, it can sometimes make it easier to capture the first look between the bride and groom. The different view locations of the second photographer makes for some especially great photos, such as the one shown on this page of my Sunset Cliffs wedding favorites where Donna has captured the shot from behind Carrie, as the bride faces and looks forward to her groom and guests. I couldn’t have gotten this shot because I was down low in the front waiting to capture Carrie walking up the aisle, and Rob’s first look. The aisle, by the way, was an actual carpet! This was a nice elegant touch to their wedding.

Other reasons for a second photographer are the added variety of shots and the ability to capture additional posed and candid photos that might not otherwise be captured while I’m busy with the couple. This was especially the case after the ceremony and traditional posed photos with family and friends, since this was the time that the couple and I spent together for some creative photography.

The time for this part of wedding photography never seems to be enough, but I think we were able to shoot some nice creative ideas and shots for Carrie and Rob, such as nice backlit shots and a little bit wedding boudoir photography. We now wrapped up the Sunset Cliffs wedding and headed over to the Marina Village for the couple’s wedding reception, to which the couple drove to in the 1929 Durant.

Upon arriving at Marina Village we had time for a couple more shots, but to keep their wedding day on schedule it was soon time for their grand entrance for their waiting guests. The schedule in fact was managed really well by the very capable Edward Sanchez of Brass Ring Mobile Music. In fact, Edward was really spot-on in his selection of music as the couple’s DJ, and was great Master of Ceremonies. After he announced the couple’s entrance, Rob and Carrie made a presentation to their guests of family and friends.

With that, it was time for their wedding meal, which was catered and hosted very nicely by Ranch Events. Ranch Events not only presented a great looking buffet, but also did a very nice job of catering to the bride and groom, and of slicing their wedding cake after it’s cutting. And the cake, by the way, was a beautiful creation made by Flour Power Cakery.

Time always goes by so quick during wedding photography, even full-day wedding days like this one with the wonderful Carrie and Rob. And I know from the bride and groom’s perspective the day goes by even quicker. I’m just so glad their collection of photos has captured many, many memories for them, which I’m delighted to share in their complete online gallery on my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries page (password required).

You can see another Sunset Cliffs wedding here, and for more information about having us create your own beautiful collection of wedding photography, please contact me.

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