Commercial Property Virtual Photography for Voit Real Estate

Explore Commercial Property in Virtual Photography

[panoembed] /panos/Voit/9030-9040_Carroll_Way_Commercial_Property_Photography_Spherical_Panorama_for_Voit_Real_Estate_by_Commercial_Photographer_San_Diego_AbounaPhoto.html [/panoembed]

Spherical panorama created by image stitching using numerous images and control points

A fantastic way to add value to commercial property photography is through virtual photography. Featured here are two main products that created using virtual photography, also sometimes referred to as virtual reality (VR) photography. The first product is a spherical panorama image. This image is the result of using software, control points, and experience to carefully stitching together a series of photos captured in all directions horizontally and vertically at a given location.

The second and most interesting product of virtual  photography is the spherical view itself. It is in part created with the spherical panorama. As shown in the viewer above, which was created at as part of a commercial property shoot for Voit Real Estate Services in San Diego, California, you can pan and zoom in every possible direction. Go ahead, give it a try by clicking and dragging your mouse across the image. You can scroll and use the on-screen buttons, too.

This 360-degree horizontal and 180-degree spherical view provides for an informative, valuable, and enticing view of a location, whether it’s the outside of commercial properties for companies like Voit Real Estate Services, inside parking structures, inside exhibit halls, or even for San Diego Airport. There are few limits the application and acquisition of virtual photography. Contact me to find out more about this interesting commercial photography product.