Wedding Photography at Windansea Beach and Tom Hams Lighthouse for Natalia and Anthony

Vivid wedding photography at Windansea Beach for Natalia and Anthony. Cloudy grey skies combined with beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean made wonderful compliment to this nice couple’s wedding at Windandsea Beach in La Jolla, San Diego, California. All of these bold, contrasting colors, tones and textures certainly made the perfect backdrop to Natalia and Anthony’s destination wedding photography in San Diego.

The couple’s California beach wedding photography at Windandsea Beach had pleasant decor, with a tasteful wedding arch, seating for guests, and were a nice sight for beach-going onlookers, too. The lovely wedding floral arrangements were very well crafted and their colors were the right compliment to the bride. The couple’s ceremony was heartfelt, tasteful, and very well officiated.

The wedding photography at Windansea Beach had plenty of properly posed photos, but the photography’s prime focus was more about natural-looking candid photos that really captured the moment. This is the style in which I prefer to shoot all of my weddings which, along with creating vivid photos, creates an heirloom collection of wedding memories for couples.

A bit after the wedding ceremony the couple and their guests reconvened for a reception at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse restaurant on Harbor Island near the airport and downtown San Diego. Tom Ham’s is situated along San Diego Bay and offers perfect views of Downtown San Diego. The bayside views made for wonderful couples’ and great background photos to Natalia and Anthony’s wedding reception at Tom Ham’s.

The couple’s wedding photography and Windansea Beach and their Tom Hams Lighthouse reception included a number of hours of photography, a collection of prints of their favorite photos,with digital and print photos being edited for best quality and provided in both Web and Print size resolution, plus print rights to all of their photos, too.

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