Military Photography for Women’s Symposium Published in USCG Reservist

The Reservist - JWLS Article Oct 15-Page 16 by Captain LaGuardia-Kotite with event militay photography by Andrew Abouna San Diego-small
First page of ‘Reservist’ article by Capt. LaGuardia-Kotite

It’s with honor that shots from the event and military photography provided for the 2015 Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium were published in Volume 62 Issue 4 of the ‘Reservist‘ in an interesting and informative article written by author and United States Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR) Captain Martha J. LaGuardia-Kotite.

Entitled ‘Progress and Possibilities for Women in the Military: The Future is Now‘, Captain LaGuardia-Kotite’s article describes key moments and the interesting itinerary of the symposium. The article includes two photos that I captured at the event on behalf of Susan Davis International for the Sea Service Leadership Association.

The article begins by describing the same impactful feeling that the military photography captured. Captain LaGuardia-Kotite explains how Vice Adm. William Moran, the U.S. Navy’s Chief of Naval Personnel and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Personnel, stepped onto the main stage to deliver remarks for the 2015 Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium (JWLS). As Admiral Moran looked out at the vast audience of over 700 military women, whom I was there to provide event photography for, he said, “I feel uncomfortable.”

Joint Women's Leadership Symposium Sea Service Leadership Association Military Event Photography by Event Photographers San Diego Andrew Abouna
Vice Adm. William Moran capturing selfie with audience at the 2015 Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium in San Diego, CA

Admiral Moran then asked the men present to stand. About 12 did. To them Moran said, “This is what it feels like for women when they walk aboard a Navy ship.” He said 17.8% of United States Navy is female. He then pivoted on stage, held up his smart phone and asked everyone to reach up with his or hers and join him in taking a “selfie” of this profound moment.” The event photography captured this moment, too, which you can see more shots of in the collection of military photography shots provided of the 2015 JWLS.

The Reservist - JWLS Article Oct 15-Page 17 by Captain LaGuardia-Kotite with event militay photography by Andrew Abouna San Diego-small
Second page of ‘Reservist’ article, with military event photography shot of Senior Female Leaders panel, moderated by Capt. LaGuardia-Kotite

Capturing key moments, and in fact all moments, is an essential and important aspect of providing great event and military photography. Just as every detail is important to military, corporate, or special events alike, so too is the photography intended to document and editorialize those events. The event photography should be timely, accurate, aesthetically pleasing, and have good situational awareness so as not miss key moments. I’m delighted Capt. LaGuardia-Kotite had photos from the JWLS even that met those requirement and help lend feeling and description to her article. Thank you, Capt. LaGuardia-Kotite.

Capt. LaGuardia is a Coast Guard Reserve officer, SSLA USCG Board of Directors representative and author of four books including the Senior Coast Guard Leaders reading list: So Others May Live: Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Saving Lives, Defying Death; and Changing the Rules of Engagement – Inspiring Stories of Courage and Leadership from Women in the Military. Her new book, Innovators – Rock Stars of STEM will publish this fall. You can read more about Martha Kotite on her author website at

The Sea Service Leadership Association, is a national non-profit and non-political organization, is for all Service members. Offering professional development through networking and education as well as expanding SSLA chapters across the nation.

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