Water-Wise Equipment Washing Documented by Commercial Photography

Water-Wise Equipment Washing Documented by Commercial Photography - AbounaPhotoHeavy equipment and vehicles get dirty through normal use and require cleaning. Proper maintenance and appearance of equipment includes washing, ideally in an efficient, water-wise manner. The Evans Equipment and Environmental wash pad provides a solution for water-efficient washing of heavy duty equipment, trucks, cars and more. Commercial photography and the accompanying dynamic slideshow captures the wash pad’s final installation and use.

At a new installation at H&E Equipment Services in El Cajon in the San Diego, California area, I was retained by Evans Equipment to provide commercial photography of the final assembly and use of their wash pad. A collection of some of those commercial shots are compiled here in this dynamic video slideshow.

As vehicles are washed using the pressure sprayer, dirty water is collected through a gutter system along the inside perimeter. This water is then pumped and cleaned though a series of filters, then reused to wash the vehicle. This recycling of water is especially important in water-scarce and drought-impacted areas such as California and the desert Southwest region of the United States.

The commercial photography not only documented the installation and use of the industrial equipment, but it also provided an important series of marketing shots for the company, as water-saving techniques for the industry. For more information about professional commercial photography or dynamic slideshow videos, please contact me.