Kristin and Travis The Crosby Wedding Photos

The Crosby wedding photos for Kristin and Travis are rich with grand elegance and contemporary feel that underscores the type of wedding photography we love to create for our clients. The couple’s wedding at The Crosby Club, in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, California, was filled from start to finish with wonderful moments and celebration, and captured completely and beautifully from the getting ready until all of the highlights of their reception were complete.

The couple’s wedding photography was captured by two of our photographers, each using two cameras and a mix of over 6 lenses. The combined style and expertise of both photographers, the ability of all four cameras, and the nuances and character of each lens, plus a third photographer’s post-edting finesse, brought forth a beautiful collection in The Crosby wedding photos for Kristin and Travis.

Their day of wedding photography began with one photographer capturing Kristin and her bridesmaids getting ready. This pre-wedding photography included photographing the final stages of hair styling my Maria Novello and makeup artistry by Sabrina Salazar. It was also the time when Kristin’s gorgeous wedding dress was photographed in a variety of settings, including one shown here in this article. Likewise, her vibrant red shoes and wonderful bouquet, created by Diane Butler of DianesWeddingFlowersPlease, was also captured in some fun poses.

Meanwhile, our other photographer was busy capturing photos of Travis and his groomsmen with the final getting ready moments in another suite at The Crosby Club. This was followed by a nice variety of some traditional and more contemporary, even some more bit edgy wedding photos of the guys on the lawn and around the property of The Crosby. The guys were posed a group and with each groomsman and Travis. This nice blend of shooting style added a dynamic to The Crosby wedding photos for the couple.

We also made sure to have plenty of time to photograph all of the girls before they had put on their dresses. By doing this were sure to capture some fun shots beforehand the girls got formally dressed, and we still had time for more posed photos when the bridesmaids and Kristin were dressed and ready for the wedding ceremony. It was at this time too that we also took a moment to create some lovely bridal photos of just Kristin, as well as photos of her with each of her bridesmaids, and actually everything in between, too! The gorgeous setting of The Crosby Club really helped in all of the photos.

Wedding photography of the couple’s ceremony was captured very well using two photographers. Having our lenses focused from different directions at same and differing moments helped tell the story of their wedding from multiple perspectives, much as each of their 150 guests had their own perspective of the wedding ceremony. Of course, we had the added pleasure of being able to move around and take wide or tight shots during their wedding ceremony, which added grandness in their San Diego wedding photography.

Following the ceremony we had time for many posed photos with the wedding party, family and friends, before spending a little more intimate time by both photographers with Kristin and Travis. Bringing in the diversity and talent of each photographer for the same wedding photography session really added to the richness in The Crosby wedding photos for the couple.

Not a moment was missed in their reception either. From the grand entrance of the wedding party and wedding couple, to the toasts, meal, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tosses, the wedding photography was thorough in preserving each fun moment of the couple’s wedding reception at The Crosby Club venue. The evening’s schedule and music arrangement was handled perfectly by DJ and master of ceremonies DJ Will of Dancing DJ Productions. And their lush wedding cake, also shown here, was made by Heather Tokheim at Major Market.

I’ve featured in this article some of our wedding photographer favorite photos, but be sure to see the complete collection of Kristin and Travis’s The Crosby wedding photos at my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

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