Sanford-Burnham Gala Photography at Estancia La Jolla

A delightful evening of gala photography at Estancia La Jolla for the 2014 Sanford-Burnham’s annual event delighted guests with a memorable evening of delectable food, exquisite drinks, and top-notch entertainment in support of vital medical research. This year’s theme, taken from the classic 1935 Irving Berlin musical “Top Hat”, transported guests – some of San Diego’s best known philanthropists and professionals – to the glittering decade of Hollywood glitz and glamour.

The red-carpet event, with canopied entrance way complete with chandeliers that lead a greeting by showgirls in vintage costume, and a fantastic 8-foot tall cake surrounded by layers of champagne glasses and topped with a lovely gal in vintage dress. The lovely showgirls, dressed in fishnet nylons and black tux jacket and a striped bodice, certainly added to the glittering gala photography event.

The gala photography of course captured the glamour and importance of the Sanford-Burnham event by photographing some of San Diego’s most respected philanthropists, doctors, scientists, and business executives. The 4-hour evening event was attended to by about 200 guests, who made generous donations that totaled close to 2 million dollars, including a single donation of 1.35 million dollars.

Guests were treated to the outstanding service and cuisine Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, an award-winning venue. Gala photography captured the many staff delivering fine service, which the guests enjoyed an the splendor of the decor, the opportunity to mingle, all while taking in the wonderful and live big-band music of the band Big Time Operator.

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