Schneider Electric Team Building Activities

Schneider Electric Team Building Activities

Building and launching a winning catapult using basic materials by pulling together company members from across the globe requires team effort. And that was the goal of Schneider Electric for selecting team building activities at part of their corporate event at Bonita Cove park, located at San Diego’s Mission Bay. Individual teams from the 130 company employees who came from various locations and countries, pooled their minds and energies to create 15 unique catapults.

The corporate event photography for Schneider Electric began with photographing the entire group of 130 people, then a few smaller groups. With those shots complete, the company set about the team building activities, which was what I concentrated on for providing event photography. The photography was dynamic, constantly moving around to capture the different teams designing and building in the park, photographing not just overviews of the company event, but also detailed shots having a bit more personal interest.

Featured on this page are a few of my favorite photos from Schneider Electric’s Team Building Activities. The complete collection of photos from the San Diego event photography can be accessed in my San Diego Event Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

Before firing the catapults to see which team could launch a tennis ball the farthest, each team first had to make a sales presentation on why their catapult would be the best to use and buy. The presentations were as interesting as were the catapults. Judges combined their scores of the presentations along with catapult performance to determine the top three teams. The top three then presented and launched again. From that, the winner for the team building activities was determined, and medals awarded! As you can see in the event photos, every one of the participants were fully engaged, no matter their level of involvement in this  team building exercise.

The event was orchestrated professionally by Access Destination Services, who really helped make this a very fun team building activity for Schneider Electric. Access helped ensure the event ran smoothly as they took care of every detail with as much energy and enthusiasm as the participants. It was a fun and dynamic event to shoot, like other team building activities events that I’ve photographed in San Diego area.

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