Stacey and Dave San Diego Backyard Wedding

Stacey and Dave San Diego Backyard Wedding

Certainly one of the loveliest backyard weddings in San Diego that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. And the venue couldn’t have been more beautiful. But the topper was of course Stacey and Dave, one of the most lovable couples you’ll ever meet. I wish I had a chance to know them more, but in just the hours I spent with them and their family it was very apparent that they are very much in love, not just with each other, but with their wonderful children and families, too.

I’ve selected some of my San Diego wedding photographer favorites for this blog post. Their complete collection of wonderful wedding photos can be accessed in my San Diego Wedding Photographer Client Galleries (password required).

One of the things that I really like about photographing more intimate events like Stacey and Dave’s San Diego backyard wedding, are all of the unique wedding adornments and photo opportunities. And there were many Etsy and Pinterest type wedding features that they created for their wedding. Some of these included mason jars, table top planters, rose petals in the shape of hearts, wedding rings tied to Stacey’s grandmother’s bible, felt bouquets.

In general, it was such a comfortable, happy gathering for a wedding, of the kind that I imagine for any traditional wedding, whether in the city or countryside, just as weddings should be before. The backyard wedding was also perfectly laid out for their guests to sit on nice cushions atop bench seats or tables, the wedding party’s entrance, and for the reception afterwards.

There were many highlights to the wedding. One was when Dave’s son played the guitar and sang for Stacey and Dave’s first dance. It was a very personal and really well-performed moment that added to the intimacy and such a sense of family to the couple’s backyard wedding.

Stacy and Dave’s wedding ceremony was performed and orchestrated beautifully by Reverend Cathy Glenn of Ever After Weddings. Her delivery of the ceremony was as wonderful as always. Entertainment and the wedding’s schedule was managed perfectly by DJ Eric of The Gig Entertainment. His sound system was great and with the many kids at the wedding her did a fantastic job with activities for including them, which the ‘big kids’ loved, too. Catering for the wedding was provided by Curiocity was really well done, and tasted great! They not only cooked all the food onsite, but also served the tables. A great touch!

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