AeroMedEvac Sacramento Mission Air Ambulance Photos

AeroMedEvac Sacramento Mission Air Ambulance Photos

Getting needed medical attention can require traveling long distances. In these cases, it may be more practical to be transported by aircraft rather than by vehicle. As you can imagine through these air ambulance photos of AeroMedEvac transporting a patient from the US/Mexican border near San Diego, to Sacramento, California, the savings in terms of time can have significant benefits in promptly getting the necessary care. It’s also a viable way to repatriate travelers to their home country when they become ill or injured while traveling abroad.

In the air ambulance photos shown here, you can see the entire sequence of an air ambulance mission. This particular mission called for transporting a young patient from Mexico to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Sacramento.  When the call comes in to AeroMedEvac that a patient needs to be transported, the mission begins with planning and coordination. Contacts at both ends of the journey are altered and the necessary aircraft, medical equipment and personal are then prepared.

AeroMedvac personnel that transported the patient consisted of two flight nurses and the pilot, plus support staff. As the nurses prepared their equipment to be placed on the aircraft, an ambulance arrived that would take us to the US/Mexico border to receive the patient. Upon arriving back at the airport in El Cajon, near San Diego, the patient is brought aboard the aircraft, a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air, where the medical equipment prepared earlier had been loaded. Shortly afterward we are ready and the aircraft was given priority departure for our evening flight to Sacramento.

Waiting for us in Sacramento was another ambulance that would transport the patient and her parent, accompanied by the AeroMedEvac nurses and me, to the hospital. During the entire journey from San Diego to Sacramento, the flight team stayed in contact with AeroMedEvac central and other caregivers that would be further involved in the patient’s needs.

A feeling of great satisfaction was felt by the entire AeroMedEvac team when the patient had been brought to the hospital. The entire process of helping this young patient, made possible through all the coordination and care that went into making the mission possible, was prompt, efficient and very professional. It was a pleasure to have observed the mission, demonstrating also that air ambulance photos such as these provide a great application of commercial photography by capturing the process of a business, which in this case is that helping lives.

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