San Diego Airport Tour Through Spherical Panorama Photography Video

San Diego Airport Tour Through Spherical Panorama Photography. Panorama photography captures very wide views of places. However, spherical photography shows what a place looks like in every possible direction: left, right, up and down. 360-degree spherical photography is actually a collection of many photos seamlessly and very accurately stitched together. The resulting panorama photo can be viewed interactively where the use can pan left, right, up and down, or it can be viewed as a static image.

A while ago I had several opportunities to create more than a dozen spherical panorama photos of the San Diego (California) International airport. The purpose of the images being to help visitors and others navigate the ever-expanding airport. As with many kinds of photos, this spherical panorama photography is both science and art for ones enjoyment. Presented here is a video of a number of those San Diego Airport spherical panorama photography images for viewing pleasure.