Katherine and Jase Escondido Country Wedding Photography

There’s was a wedding surrounded and made by family and friends. The country chic wedding was full of hand-made treats, notions, and accents, as you can see in this sample of some of my wedding photographer favorites of Katherine and Jase’s country wedding photography. The couple’s wedding ceremony and reception was located at their parent’s home, in Valley Center, east of Escondido in northern San Diego County.

With arranged bails of hay for seating, covered by blankets and quilts to add charm and comfort, their placement near the tree at the entrance of the home marked the ceremony site. Just beyond the hay was the house, and it’s here that two long tables were set and adorned with mason jars of peonies, daisies, roses and other flowers. Located in front of the house were various wood crates, some with more flowers in vases and jars, racks of wine, lovely homemade signs, and more hail bails.

A highlight for me was the table with all the home-baked wedding deserts, including rice crispy squares, brownies, lemon bars, and the lovely pink wedding cake, surround by matching cupcakes and flowers on the tiers beneath. There was no shortage of wonderful elements to capture as part of this backyard wedding photography. All of their many wonderful country wedding features made  this a charming and lovely country chic, backyard wedding.

After photographing the country wedding venue, I was able to get a few shots of Katherine as she finished getting ready, before moving back outside to begin photographing her and Jase’s wedding ceremony under the tree by hay bails. Officiated by their close friend, the ceremony was both intimate and fun. Following the wedding ceremony I spent a few moments with the bride and groom making a few creative wedding photos for them, and then we shot some posed photos with family. Their wedding photography then captured the reception including their meal, first dance, wedding cake cutting, and flower toss. The hilly and expansive countryside of their wedding venue, and all of the couple’s lovely decorations, made for very nice country wedding photography.

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