Airport Virtual Tour

Airport Virtual Tour

Spherical Panoramic Airport Photography, like the ones in this commercial photography article and those on the two companion pages, provide an informative and enticing airport virtual tour.  Below are two actual VR (Virtual Reality) views for you to explore. The first is of the SAN Terminal 2 Rotunda and Gates 39-45 Area, and the second airport virtual tour is of theTerminal 2 Security Exit Area.  In these views you’ll get to see some of the San Diego International Airport ( nearly 1 Billion Dollar expansion of its Terminal 2 and adjoining areas.

Using spherical panoramic photography techniques of the architecturally beautiful and highly functional airport, we developed a wide collection of panorama photos for the San Diego International Airport and it’s Geographic Information Systems airport mapping vendor, ATKINS North America. These 360-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical views will allow airport passengers, visitors, and vendors to interactively pan and zoom in all possible directions at over 20 key locations for an information airport virtual tour.

The spherical panoramic airport photography, along with these airport virtual tour views, are part of the complete still airport photography that we recently updated throughout the airport, including the 10 new gates at Terminal 2, transformed shopping and dining, beautiful art, and a second level departures roadway. Our architectural  and commercial photography, complete with all geometric corrections and image enhancements, will be used in updating the airport’s very popular interactive mapping application. For more information about virtual tours and their application in airports, transportation, commercial, architecture, and real estate photography, please contact us.

Drag and scroll your mouse anywhere on one of these airport virtual tour images, or use the buttons on the image to control what you want to see, including a fullscreen view.


[panoembed] /panos/SAN/SAN_Terminal_2_Rotunda_Gates_39-45_Panorama_AbounaPhoto.html [/panoembed]

San Diego International Airport Virtual Tour of Terminal 2 Rotunda and Gates 39-45 Area


[panoembed] /panos/SAN/SAN_Terminal_2_Security_Exit_Panorama_AbounaPhoto.html [/panoembed]

San Diego International Airport Virtual Tour of Terminal 2 Security Exit Area


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