Corporate Event Photography and More

Corporate event photography is one of the most fun types of photography because of the interesting subject matter that I sometimes get to listen to. This video shows some of the diversity within and between events, the action of awards ceremonies and entertainment, and the wonderful venues that are important parts of corporate event photography. In fact, there’s an exhilaration to corporate event photography and that helps fuel me in creating great shots and in getting through the sometimes very long hours of an event shoot.

Providing corporate event photography in San Diego is even more wonderful because of the attractions, facilities and excellent event services, making it a prime location for companies and organizations to host their event here, and that helps foster excellent corporate event photography. Click on the above video to see a slideshow of some past event photography shoots.

I have to say I’ve learned and developed quite a lot of expertise in the area of corporate event photography and this has translated into excellent service and products.¬†Over the years I’ve been asked to provide corporate event photography for a wide range of companies, from small local ones to large Fortune 100 companies, and even ones based in other countries, including Prudential Insurance, National Notary Association, US Navy, US Army, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, Allstate Insurance, Summit Entertainment, CBS Studios, Mercedes Benz, Columbia College, Discount Tire, Society of University Surgeons, Nerium International, American Liver Foundation, March of Dimes and many more.

Corporate event photography provides both a service and a product, with the goal being to document the highlights, details, overview, and energy of meetings, conventions and the like. It should also capture images that are interesting, perhaps editorial in nature, and which could be considered iconic for the event and of publication quality.

Event photography also requires creating photos that can be used to accurately recall special moments for those at the event and which show the event was fun, interesting, and worthwhile for the company. These images can go along way in helping validate the event and to help the company in promoting their next event.

While it’s fun for me to see to the subject matter, the guest speakers, all the presentations, the vendor and exhibit displays, the venues, and the special catering, even all the networking and team building, it’s even more fun for the attendees. And that’s a key task of corporate event photography, to capture the content and fun of an event.

Even though photography creates still images, the feeling in those images should exude energy. To help with expressing the energy captured in my corporate event photography, I’ve created the accompanying slideshow to give an added sense of vibrancy that events often have. I invite you to look through more of my event photography posts to see galleries of more corporate event photography shoots.

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